Welcome To CARL USA. All products are serviced and sold here in the US!

who we are

This is the simple desire to make our customers satisfied. The pure Spirit of Inquiry. A Commitment to quality. CARL DNA has a pulsating flow. Genes of manufacturing spur us to deliver products with certain quality to our customers.

Everything we do is to deliver quality to our customers. Established in 1999, CARL MFG. USA, Inc. offers a broad range of Paper Trimmers, Paper Punching Systems and Personal Security Products. A Japan based company since 1929, CARL has been designing cutting edge products for use in the office, home and school environments for over 70 years....

CARL has been designing paper hole punch products since 1949. They started to produce small paper hole punches using press-steel plate technology, which was unusual at that time. We constantly pursue technical innovation and the best quality to meet our customer's needs. In response to high demand, the "Heavy-Duty Punch" was launched in 1981. In 1982, to deal with diversifying formats, "Gauge Punch" was launched. The innovative multi-hole punch "Glisser" was launched in 1994. The universal design and ultimate punch "XP-4" was launched in 2005.

The ever-intensifying CARL DNA. It enhances the historical value.

a commitment to quality

  • plan

    Our innovative ideas come from careful planning, thorough market research, and a commitment to quality. By combining these concepts we have built up for new value. CARL asks not only "what are our customers looking for?" but we ask specifically "what are the goals and objectives they have in their mind?"

  • structural design

    We continually review our existing structures to assess usability and the adoption of new technology. As the situation demands, we use both 3D-CAD digital and analog technology for prototype production and to thoughtfully review the structural design.

  • concept design

    CARL's design policy is not for "mere aesthetic appearance". We believe "the true beauty" comes from "the functionality of a great design." "How should we change the design to improve its function?" Or "Should we add a certain function to make it more useful?" We are constantly pursuing new ways to manufacture better products.

  • product plan

    To transfer the design and structure to the products, CARL reviews cost and technical points, and draws a realistic design. We review what material should be used for each part and how we can manufacture the highest quality product with the lowest cost. We make a serious choice based on data and simulations.

  • tooling

    "A great product is only derived from a great tooling." The quality of the steel plate is the most important feature, so do it to a high precision shape even if the product schedule is tight. Finally, after thorough research and development and numerous iterations the new steel place design is completed. To prepare for commercial product, the product process is strictly monitored to ensure the highest degree of precision.

  • production

    CARL product management does not finish with the start of the manufacturing process: it is just the beginning. Only products that passed our strict quality checks throughout the entire process will be delivered to our customers.