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CC-2000 Quiet Pencil Sharpener

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  • Double Thickness Steel Body / Aluminum Die Cast Internal Gear Mechanism Provides sturdy and lasting blade performance.
  • 5-Level Sharp Point Adjuster 5-Level Sharpening Point can be adjusted 0.5mm~1.0mm.
  • Detachable Blade Mechanism Maintenance on your CARL CC-2000 is always a good idea as the blade assembly can be easily removed for cleaning and or replacing. Regular cleaning will extend the longevity of your CARL CC-2000 pencil sharpener.
  • Auto-Feed and Auto-Stop Feature The CARL CC-2000 cutting mechanism automatically draws the pencil into the cutting chamber, producing a perfect point. Once the pencil is sharp, the CARL CC-2000 unique design will not allow the pencil to over sharpen.
  • Rubber Clutch Avoids damaging the surface of your pencil.
  • Big Translucent Shaving Bin While the waste bin is able to store a large amount of shavings, the translucent feature of the bin enables you to know when it's full and ready to empty.
  • Desk Clamp Mount Easily mount your CARL CC-2000 pencil sharpener to a tabletop or desk. If you prefer, make it portable and take it on the go as the clamp is not required for use. (Recommend for desk or table top thickness no more than 40mm).


  • Dimensions:
    6 x 3 x 5.8 inches
  • CUI Number (Red):
  • CUI Number (Black):