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CARL Pencil Sharpeners

1. Pull outward the front top housing frame.

2. Pinch the top lever and insert pencil through the center hole.

3. The housing clutch will grip the pencil firmly as it draws the pencil inward while you turn / crank the lever.

The clamp is placed into the hole located in the front bottom of the pencil sharpener. Attach the clamp onto a table or flat surface and tighten until the pencil sharpener is stable.

When sharpening colored pencil or pencils with fragile tips, as these pencil tips can easily break and clog the device, in some cases handle resistance will not stop and sharpening may continue.

Pencil tip/point may be clogged.

1. Turn the knob counterclockwise to remove the assembly blade mechanism and inspect for a potential pencil tip clog.
※ Never touch the blades on the pencil sharpener mechanism directly.
※ Do not allow children to procced with this process.


2. If you are able to determine that there is a pencil tip clog, please use a sharp thin object such as a toothpick and carefully remove the pencil tip residue as illustrated.
※ DO NOT use a steel material to remove the led tip as it may damage the blade.
※ Clogged pencil tip may not be visible since it maybe deep inside the mechanism chamber


3. If you completed the steps as directed and you are still unable to see the pencil tip or your pencil sharpener still not operation properly, it may need repair.