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RT-218 18" Professional Rotary Trimmer, 10 Sheets/Straight, Scoring, Perforating


Count on precise cuts with the RT-218 18" Professional Rotary Trimmer. 

The premium carbide blade cuts up to 10 sheets of 20lb paper. Patented rail system holds paper firmly. The sturdy metal base is calibrated and features preset measurements for common-sized items. Updated graphics, rulers and grid.

Cuts mat board, card stock, plastic sheets, etc. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty (excludes blade and cutting mats).



  • B-01 Straight Blade
  • B-02 Perforating Blade
  • B-03 Deckle Blade
  • B-04 Short-wave Blade
  • B-05 Pinking Blade
  • B-06 Scallop Blade
  • B-07 Squiggle Blade
  • B-08 Victorian Blade
  • B-09 Colonial Blade
  • B-10 Long-wave Blade
  • B-11 Scoring Blade
  • B-M51 Perforating/Scoring Blade Set
  • B-M52 Deckle/Victorian Blade Set

Cutting Mats

  • RM-18/2 2 Pack Cutting Mat


  • Color:
  • CUI Number:
  • Cutting Length:
  • Paper Cutting Capacity:



7 Reviews

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    Posted by demo test on April 9th 2020


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    LOVE IT!!

    Posted by Indigo on March 24th 2019

    I have had the 18" RT-218 for a number of years & it has done the job over and over again!! I print my own pictures so it comes in handy. Thanks, Carl!!!

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    Great purchase!

    Posted by Jake on June 29th 2017

    I haven't used it myself, but I purchased it for my sister's birthday. She is an artist and does all kinds of paper artwork with backdrops and shadows and lights. She says she loves it.

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    Great for the Money

    Posted by jniles on June 29th 2017

    We have owned the same machine in the 12" for many years. We use it for light duty, occasional cutting of photo paper and for fairly precise trimming. It is in a completely different class when you leave the old lever type paper cutters you will wonder why it took so long to change. Our old Carl 12" has never had the blade or cutting strip replaced and they are both performing well in our light duty use. We purchased the new 18" so we can cut Canon's 13" x 19" photo paper into usable 8" x 12" sheets. Works great as always. The wear parts are readily available at Amazon among many other places. I recommend it highly for light to medium use.

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    Succeeds where a guillotine trimmer falters

    Posted by S. Sacks on June 29th 2017

    I've been using guillotine-style paper trimmers for more than a decade now, and I would occasionally run into problems -- measurements weren't exact, I could only cut top to bottom, the paper would slip or become unstacked, the cutter was very heavy and could be dangerous to little fingers, and I could only cut paper up to 11" long.

    With this new CARL Bidex, I found that a lot of these shortfalls are resolved. This trimmer is lightweight and much safer. The bar that the blade runs across grips the paper as you cut, plus it prevents fingerprints when cutting glossy paper. When I cut items with multiple trim marks such as business cards, I am able to cut in either direction, which is invaluable for that last half inch that I could never cut in the same direction with an ordinary guillotine trimmer. Also, I love the choices in additional blades. I've already purchased the scoring and perforating blade set, and they make my work so much easier and faster. Plus I can store three extra blades, in their boxes, in the bottom of the trimmer. The CARL Bidex was the perfect choice!

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    CARL Professional Rotary Paper Trimmer 18 inch & Accessories - A Fantastic Purchase - No Regrets

    Posted by Sbznpoe on June 29th 2017

    I purchased the CARL Professional Rotary Paper Trimmer 18 inch with all the replacement blades and extra cutting mats as a gift and the recipient has now used the unit heavily for a respectable amount of time and absolutely adores it. I carefully researched paper trimmers online for quite a while before making my final decision and I'll admit that I was a bit hesitant considering some of the negative reviews I was seeing about this particular company, but I proceeded because I was attracted by the number of accessories available for this series. I figured it was worth the risk. Well, I'm pleased I made the decision I made because it has already paid for itself over and over again in the quality of its construction and performance and the joy my gift recipient is getting from it. I would purchase another CARL product again in a heartbeat.

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    I have gone through

    Posted by Andrzej on June 25th 2015

    I have gone through all the cetutrs you have, andI have that purple cow. It was fine for a few months and now it doesn't cut straight on the guillotine side and the slider is really hard to press down to get a good cut.I have a very expensive kutrimmer cutter that is fab and it weighs a ton and I don't let others use it. It makes exact cuts and i love it.I also just got a dalhe at a yard sale $10 fro a $200 cutter and so far it works well.thanks for sharing