Welcome To CARL USA. All products are serviced and sold here in the US!

School & Government Ordering

At CARL Manufacturing, we now welcome purchases from Government, Universities, Colleges, K1-12 Schools, County, State and Local City Governments.

Our process is easy and simple:

  1. Email an Authorized Signed Purchase Order to order@carlmfg.com or fax it to (847) 519-0533.
  2. Automatic 30-day net terms given to publicly funded schools and governments entities.
  3. We will work with private schools as well, but you need to contact us directly for a credit application.

Once an order is received, you will be contacted with a confirmation. If you need to speak with one of our sales representatives, please call us at  (800) 257-4771  (Mon-Fri 9AM – 5PM CST).