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Key Cabinets - Compact

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About this product

CARL Key Cabinets provides convenient and secure organization for the home & businesses that regularly store multiple keys, such as property managers, car dealerships and repair shops, establishments that offer valet parking services, etc.


Capacity 40 pcs
Weight 3.74 lbs (1.7 Kgs)
Key Tag Key Tag Red, Blue, Black, Yellow x 10pcs each
size of KB40
size of kb80


Capacity 80 pcs
Weight 7.60 lbs (3.45 Kgs)
Key Tag Key Tag Red, Blue, Black, Yellow x 20pcs each


key cabinets mounted on wall

Quality design

・0.8mm (KB-40),0.95mm (KB-80) thickness of steel used for greater durability.
・Thick powder coating is also added to enhance protection against rust or scratch on surface.

Cylinder key lock

Cylinder key lock

・CARL Key Cabinet includes a set 2 keys.
・Additional keys to purchase available upon request.

40pcs of key capacity

Organize your keys

・CARL Key Cabinet provides organization and security for keys at home or business.
・Color-coded tags and labels make finding and returning quick and easy.

holes on back to mount on wall

Easy installation

・CARL Key Cabinet is designed to be installed on wall.
・Pre-drilled mounting holes allows you to install the key cabinet on wall easily. Screws and wall plug anchors are included.

red blue black yellow key tags

Colorful tags

・Red, Blue, Black, Yellow
・Transparent film to protect writing on label.


・Key x 2pcs
・Screws x 2pcs
・Anchor Plug x 2pcs

Storage dimension inside key cabinet

Please see detailed size of product and location of holes in the pdf below.

CARL Key Cabinet Size

position of holes on back

Technical Detail

  KB-40 KB-80
  facing front kb-40 facing front kb-80
Product Name KB-40 KB-80
MSRP $59.99 $98.99
Product Size W7.08" x L3.14" x H9.84"
(W180 mm x L80 mm x H250 mm)
W9.76" x L4.33" x H14.17"
(W248 mm x 110 mm x H360 mm)
Product Weight 3.74 lbs (1.7 Kgs) 7.60 lbs (3.45 Kgs)
Package Size W7.28" x L3.42" x H10.03"
(W185 mm x L87mm x H255mm)
W9.96" x L4.72" x H14.37"
(W253mm x L120 mm x H365mm)
Package Weight 3.85 lbs (1.75 Kgs) 7.71 lbs (3.5 Kgs)
Accessories - Key x 2pcs
- screw & wall plug anchor x 2pcs each
- Key x 2pcs
- screw & wall plug anchor x 2pcs each
Key Capacity 40 pcs 80 pcs
UPC 682391800386 682391800805
Key Tag bulk of key tag
- Key Tag Red, Blue, Black, Yellow x 10pcs each
bulk of key tag
- Key Tag Red, Blue, Black, Yellow x 20pcs each
Key Layout key layout photo for kb-40 key layout photo for kb-80


Where can I purchase replacement keys ?
Must have proof of purchase in order to purchase additional keys. Please contact us directly at 800-257-4771, Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm CST.
How many keys tags come equipped with the CARL Key Cabinet?
Model KB-40 comes equipped with 40 key tags (10 Blue., 10 Green, 10 Black, 10 Red).
Model KB-80 comes equipped with 80 key tags (20 Blue., 20 Green, 20 Black, 20 Red).
Am I able to purchase more key tags?
Yes! Model KKT-5 is available for purchase, which includes 20 key tags (5 Blue., 5 Green, 5 Black, 5 Red).
Can you remove the middle panel of the CARL Key Cabinet?
No, you cannot. The middle key panel is divider is hinged and any attempt to remove may cause a possible break and will result the CARL Key Cabinet to fall out of Warranty.
Is the CARL Key Cabinet fire or water proof?
Sorry, but NO, the CARL Key Cabinet is not fire or water proof.

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