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XHC-2100N - Extra Heavy Duty 2 Hole Punch - Self Centering (100 Sheets)


Power through stacks of paper with hardened precision-ground all-steel punch heads. Strong handle grip allows easy punching with less effort. Built-in paper guide for precision punching every time. Transparent receptacle tray. Plastic and steel.

  • Standard 1/4" Hole Diameter.
  • Strong handle grip allows easy punching.
  • Hardened precision-ground all-steel punch heads.
  • Built-in paper guide.
  • Transparent receptacle tray.
  • Extra Heavy Duty Two Hole Punch is made from recycled materials to help lessen the impact on landfills.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (excluding punch heads and disks.)


  • Replacement Punch Head kit: RP-2100


  • Color:
  • CUI Number:
  • Green Friendly (Made with Recycled Materials):
  • Holes Punching:
    2 holes
  • Hole Diameter:
    1/4 in
  • Operating Method:
  • Paper Punch Capacity:
    100 sheets



5 Reviews

  • 5
    Best two hole punch on the market

    Posted by Joe on June 1st 2017

    Built like an aircraft carrier and could probably hole punch a ballistic plate of steel

  • 5
    Great Puncher!

    Posted by MedicalOfficeAdm on June 1st 2017

    I have worked in a medical office for about twenty years and I would have to rate this hole puncher as the best. It punches through up to 100 sheets of paper with incredible ease and will make putting paper records in charts so much more efficient. Let me repeat -- 100 SHEETS OF PAPER AT ONE TIME!!!

  • 5
    Probably, the same punch God uses

    Posted by David on June 1st 2017

    This supplier has the best and fastest shipping policy I've ever experienced. Even if you don't need a two-hole punch, order something to prove me right on shipping speed.

  • 5
    Simply AMAZING!

    Posted by Kat on June 1st 2017

    For far too long I, along with my coworkers, have struggled with inferior 2-hole punches on the job because that is what we are supplied with. They continued to fail in unimaginable ways! The last straw was when my modest job of 6 sheets resulted in one of the punches holding my papers hostage. We tried every way to get my papers out of its inferior metal grip, and finally succeeded by banging the useless contraption on the floor multiple times!!I decided that was it! I purchased the Carl 100 sheet 2-hole punch and happily set it on my desk for all to admire. I can put stacks of paper in and without fail, not to mention VERY LITTLE downward pressure, end up with beautiful and perfectly punched documents....every time. The best part, besides the jealous looks I catch from other cubicles, is that it takes such little effort to punch a giant stack of papers, and is the perfect punch for anybody with arthritis.TIP: This punch is not meant for small jobs! While the punch discs are replaceable, you will find yourself needing to replace them far more often if you use them for small jobs. To combat this problem, I just put multiple jobs together, but place a scrap sheet in between to mark their separation.HAPPY PUNCHING!!!

  • 5
    Easy to use 2 hole punch!

    Posted by Bu GaL on June 1st 2017

    Great to use for any size including documents that are 60 pages long and it punches through easily without having to take out the fat stapler! Exactly what I wanted!