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Angel-5 Royal3

A-5 ROYAL Aqua Sky
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About this product

A NEW look with the same reliable CARL quality you have grown to love over the years! Exciting colors that will bring life to any home, office or school setting. The CARL Angel 5 Royal sharpens smoothly to a 0.9mm or 0.5mm lead tip with a unique two stage core function. Quiet manual hand crank is classroom friendly and the die cast metal internal gear is designed to not allow your pencil to be over sharpen.


four colors of pencil sharpener

Exciting NEW Colors

Antique White, Aqua Sky Green, Empire Red and Peri Blue

sharpening pencil by cranking handle

Original Made in Japan

・Superb all metal craftmanship to last you for years to come.
・The high-quality blade sharpens with little force required, making it great for anyone.

pencil sharpener left side

Durable Metal Housing

The housing of the pencil sharpener is constructed from double thickness metal that has an ability to withstand the accidental drop.

disassemble blade unit

Zinc Die Cast Gear

・Aluminum Die Cast Internal Gear Mechanism Provides sturdy and long-lasting blade performance.
・The blade assembly can be easily removed for cleaning and or replacing.

two level of pencil tip point

Two Stage Core Function

Choose the sharpened tip size by adjusting the knob on the handle.

pencil feeded automatically as handle being cranked

Auto-Feed and Auto-Stop Feature

・The CARL Angel 5 Royal 3 cutting mechanism automatically draws the pencil into the cutting chamber, producing a perfect point.
・Once the pencil is sharp, the CARL Angel 5 Royal 3 unique design will not allow the pencil to over sharpen.

pencil tip

Sharp tip / Blant tip

・sharp: 0.5mm/blant: 0.9mm
・Angel-5 Royal 3's blade has a highly sharpened edge that the two surfaces are highly polished to form a very fine edge.

available pencil type

Rectangular, Trianble, round pencil

・Rubber material inside chuck can grip not just standard Hexagon, but also Triangle and Circle shaped pencils.
・Depending on pencils, it may leave grip-marks on pencil.

Technical Detail

  Antique White Empire Red Peri Blue Aqua Sky
  facing angel-5 royal antique white facing angel-5 royal empire red facing angel-5 royal peri blue facing angel-5 royal aqua sky
Product Name Angel-5 Royal 3      
MSRP $45.89      
Product Size W2.87" x L4.76" x H5.19"
(W73 mm x L121 mm x H132 mm)
Product Weight 1.06 lbs (484 g)      
Package Size W2.99" x L5.03" x H5.35"
(W76 mm x L128mm x H136mm)
Package Weight 1.16 lbs (530 g)      
(Antique White)
(Empire Red)
(Peri Blue)
(Aqua Sky)
Remark This pencil sharpener doesn't come with clamp.      


Where is this item manufactured?
The CARL Angel-5 Royal 3 Pencil Sharpener is manufactured in Japan, but sold and serviced in the USA
Will the item scratch the surface of my desk or table?
No, the rubber feet on the bottom of the CARL Angel-5 Pencil Royal 3 Sharpener will keep your table top and desk protected.
Is the Pencil Sharpener noisy?
No, a manual crank design, but with a smooth and quiet operation, perfect for any office and or school environment.
Is the sharpening mechanism made out of plastic?
No, the blade assembly mechanism for the CARL Angel-5 Royal is made of zinc die cast for internal gear and special steel for blade.
Will the CARL Angel-5 Royal 3 over sharpen my pencil?
No, The CARL Angel-5 Royal 3 cutting mechanism automatically draws the pencil into the cutting chamber, producing a perfect point. Once the pencil is sharp, the CARL Angel-5 Royal 3 unique design will not allow the pencil to over sharpen
If I have a problem with my CARL Angel-5 Royal 3 does CARL have support in the USA?
Yes, please contact us at 1-800-257-4771 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm CST and we will do our best in walking you through any issue you may have with our CARL item.
How can I mount the pencil sharpner on table ?
This sharpner doesn't come with clamp. However, you can purchase clamp from here