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Professional Safety Rotary Paper Cutter

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About this product

Professional Rotary Trimmer

Cutting is easy and accurate, thanks to the luminous paper guide made from light-harvesting acrylic. Stainless steel no-touch safety blade cuts standard paper, card stock, photos and more. The sturdy metal base is calibrated and features preset measurements for common-sized items. Updated graphics, rulers and grid. Handy compartment stores extra blades and cutting mats.

replacing blade
size of rt200n paper trimmer

RT-200N Professional Rotary Cutter

Cutting Length 12.20" (310mm)
Pre-printed Guide LTR (8.5" x 11")
Photo (5" x 7")
Photo (4" x 6")
Photo (8" x 10")
A4 (210 x 297mm)
B5 (176 x 250mm)
A5 (148 x 210mm)

RT-215N Professional Rotary Cutter

Cutting Length 15.00" (381mm)
Pre-printed Guide Legal (8.5" x 14)
LTR (8.5" x 11")
Photo (5" x 7")
Photo (4" x 6")
Photo (8" x 10")
A4 (210 x 297mm)
B5 (176 x 250mm)
A5 (148 x 210mm)
size of rt215n paper trimmer


When you need to trim paper, photos or other material, the CARL Rotary Trimmer will keep lines straight, accurate and speed up your projects. While guillotine style cutters are popular, rotary trimmers offer a number of advantages for many crafters and artist. Rotary trimmers are also safer for all environments, especially for children since the blade is hard to reach.
The CARL Rotary Trimmer also allows you to make continuous cuts on large pages and able to switch out blades from standard cuts to specialty edge cuts.


Round Cutting Blade

Long lasting and provides you with precise, accurate cuts.

Encased Rotary Blade System

The rotary blade is encased inside a housing compartment keeping your hand and fingers safe and secured.

Replaceable Rotary Blades

Two different type of blade edge options available
G-01 and G-02

Non-Touch Safety Blade

Blade surface is not exposed.
G-01 and G-02


sliding handle to cut paper

Easy operation

・Slide paper under the rail and push handle down to slide.

safety blade cartridge

No-Touch Safety Blade

・Stainless steel no-touch safety blade cuts standard paper, card stock, photos and more.

turn the blade holder to open and close

Encased Rotary Blade System

・Blade is located inside the handle housing.
・Your fingers are unable to touch the blade. It's safe.

opening cutting mart storage door

Compartment for replacement cutting mat.

・Two cutting mats are able to be stored in the compartment.

turning cutting mat upside down

Cutting Mat Usage

・4 Edge surface can be used.
・2 Surfaces per side, front and back

opening blade storage lid

Storage compartment for blade

・Keep your extra blades in a safe and secured storage compartment located on back of the paper trimmer.

Popular Replacement Blades

straight blade for rt-200n and rt-215n

Straight Blade
(already attached to product)

The standard rotary blade cuts up to 15 sheets of 20lbs paper, fast and accurate.

perforation blade for rt-200n and rt-215n

Perforation Blade
(sold separately)

3mm/1mm(dot / line)
The perforating blade option allows you to tear your tickets, invitation RSVP’s, etc. with ease and speed.
※ up to 3 sheets of paper

Replacement Cutting Mat

cutting mart for rt-200n paper trimmer

12" Cutting Mat

For RT-200N

cutting mat for rt-215n

15" Cutting Mat

For RT-215N

Technical Detail

Cutting Length 12" 15"
  from top rt-200n from top rt-215n
Product Name RT-200N RT-215N
MSRP $69.99 $89.99
Product Size W15.27" x L10.51" x H2.95"
388 x 267 x 75mm
W18.22" x L10.51" x H2.95"
463x 267x 75mm
Product Weight 2.84lbs (1,290g) 3.41lbs (1,550g)
Package Size ‎‎W17.04" x L10.75" x H3.22"
433 x 273 x 82mm
W20.15" x L10.75" x H3.22"
512 x 273 x 82mm
Package Weight 3.52lbs (1,600g) 4.16lbs (1,890g)
Cutting Length 12.20" (310mm) 15.00" (381mm)
Cutting capacity 15 Sheets (Straight blade)
3 Sheets (Perforation blade)
UPC 682391722008 682391722152


Where is this item manufactured?
The CARL RT-200N / 215N Rotary Paper Cutter is manufactured in China, but sold and serviced in the USA
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